Electric Scooters

We believe that personal electric vehicles provide fun, efficient, and cost effective short trip transportation. New technology has created vehicle units that are efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Overall, operating costs for personal electric vehicles are about 1/20th the cost of operating a comparable liquid fueled unit.

That’s about 1/20th the cost of operating a comparable liquid fueled unit!


ElectricScooterOutlet.com carries only the best scooters and personal electric vehicles. All of our products are from major manufacturers who are world leaders in light electric vehicle technology. We carefully select the brands and models and then work in partnership with the manufacturers to develop unique products and shipping methods. Our commuter and campus vehicles are world leading technology and available from only a few select dealers in North America.

Electric Scooters are:

Fun - Personal electric vehicles are fun – really fun. Be ready to answer lots of questions from passersby when you glide in quietly and effortlessly with your scooter or vehicle. You’re going to get lots of positive attention.

Quiet - Most electric vehicles are nearly silent in operation. With a number of our units, the loudest sound is the tires making contact with the pavement or sidewalk. All of our models are compliant with sound abatement ordinances in municipalities across the country.

Clean - No fumes, no smoke, no gas. You stay clean and so does the air around you. The batteries are good for several years and then are 100% recyclable.

Reliable - Electric scooters and personal light electric vehicles have far fewer moving parts than comparable fuel powered vehicles. With fewer moving parts, there is much less to break.

Efficient - Operating costs for electric vehicles and electric scooters are about one half of one percent of the cost of operating comparable fuel powered vehicles.

Components - All electric vehicles share common components. All have a battery or battery assembly, a motor, and electronic controllers to link them. The quality of these components will, in large part, determine the performance, durability, and reliability of the vehicle. In addition, these components must be matched to each other.

Motors - Electric motors for vehicles can be direct drive or use a drive transfer mechanism. The most common mechanism is a belt or chain. Some lighter weight vehicles use a friction roller. Direct drive motors directly apply energy directly to the wheel axle or hub. Direct drive is much more efficient and reliable but requires a more sophisticated level of controller electronics. Our commuter and campus vehicles utilize sealed, hub motor technology. Hub motors are direct drive, and extraordinarily efficient. They are also virtually maintenance free.

Brakes - Brakes are an important safety feature for all motorized devices. All of our models have heavy duty manual brakes. Our commuter and some of our campus units have disk and drum brakes (similar to automotive systems) for additional safety in all types of weather conditions.

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