The Best Electric Scooters For Your Buck 

Looking for the best electric scooters? Today, we’ve curated a selection of 21 diverse scooters so there’s something for everyone.

Whether you want a rugged companion for off-roading, a green alternative to driving to work, or just some good old-fashioned fun, scooters have many use cases.

Table of Contents

To make things easier for you to navigate, we’ve categorized these electric scooters as follows:

  • Best Folding Electric Scooters
  • Best Off-Road Electric Scooters
  • Best Long Range Electric Scooter
  • Best Fastest Electric Scooter
  • Best Electric Scooter With Big Wheels
  • Best Electric Scooter For Adults
  • Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

Now, many of the scooters could fit neatly into multiple categories. The Wolf Warrior, for example, is fast as well as boasting enormous range and impressive off-road chops. So, if you don’t see your favorite scooter in the category you’re exploring, check out the others!Let’s get right down to business with a trio of the best folding electric scooters to improve your morning commute… 

Best Folding Electric Scooters

These folding electric scooters are all highly portable and lightweight. If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint while livening up your morning commute, check out one of these small but powerful gems:

  • Glion Dolly
  • Go Trax Glider
  • Unagi The Model One

Glion Dolly

The Glion Dolly is one of the best folding electric scooters, not to mention one of the most versatile. As you’ll see when you read through our curated collections of scooters, there are plenty of faster options at your disposal if you have a need for speed. If you’re looking for something slightly more manageable for the morning commute, read on to see how the Dolly delivers.Portability is definitely the key selling point with this scooter. You can fold it down then wheel it along with the telescopic handle. This is a complete game changer if your morning commute involves hopping on and off the subway or boarding buses at either end. Indeed, this scooter was expressly designed for the challenges of packed commuter trains.You might think a scooter this portable would stiff you in terms of maximum user weight, but the Dolly accommodates riders to 255 pounds, higher than most of the opposition.


  • Wheel the scooter along like a piece of luggage when folded down
  • Exceptional portability so ideal for journeys involving public transportation
  • Despite the compact footprint, maximum load-bearing capacity is generous
  • Rugged build in a scooter that’s built to last
  • Superb value for money considering build and performance


  • Harsh ride quality won’t be to everyone’s liking
  • Feels crude and slightly shaky even on smooth, even terrain
  • The single brake could be dramatically improved

Performance is reasonably sluggish, but this is not a scooter you’re buying with blistering acceleration and a 50 mph top-end in mind. Given the 250W motor, we’d like to see brisker movement off the mark. The Dolly takes almost 10 seconds to hit its 16 mph top speed. This is pretty lackluster.Despite pedestrian performance, the torquey motor acquits itself well climbing gentle slopes. As you’d expect, you’ll slow down as you go. That said, it’s only with steeper hills that you’ll need to dismount.With 15 miles of urban range at your fingertips, liven up the journey to and from work with the Dolly unless you have an especially lengthy schlep to the office. If so, we review several scooters with much longer range.Ride quality is unrefined here. There’s no suspension in place. This harshness is amplified with solid tires offering absolutely no cushioning.


  • Top Speed: 16 mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 255 pounds

bottom line for Glion Dolly

When analyzed across the board, the Glion Dolly falls down in a number of areas. What you need to ask yourself is this: are you prepared to tolerate these shortcomings in return for the most portable electric scooter on the market? If so, you won’t be disappointed with this compact gem.

Go Trax Glider

The Go Trax Glider is another solid entry-level scooter from a company who started selling hoverboards. Since mastering that vertical, Go Trax has parlayed its engineering expertise into electric scooters. Now, if you’ve never tried riding a scooter before and you’re slightly wary, you get a 14-day return period with these scooters. This should be enough encouragement to give the Glider a shot! If you’re tempted, what do you get for your money, then?First thing’s first, the core competence of this scooter is its small footprint and foldable nature. Just like with the Glion Dolly, you need to take a few hits to achieve this lightweight nature and complete portability.Fortunately, load-bearing capacity is not adversely affected. This scooter can support riders weighing up to 220 pounds making it suitable for most users.Despite its slender looks, build quality is acceptable for a budget scooter. Obviously, you can’t expect the refinement and attention to detail you’d expect on a four-figure scooter. What you get is a solid electric scooter guaranteed for 90 days. That’s more than you typically get at this price point, and we feel the Glider delivers excellent value.


  • Slimline and compact compared to the Razor and similar scooters
  • Sleek display and LED headlights for an elegant aesthetic
  • You can impart a full charge in just 3 hours
  • Moderate load-bearing capacity for a foldable scooter
  • Lever-activated folding mechanism is a cinch to use


  • 9-mile range is rather close for comfort
  • Build quality could be improved but you need to be realistic at this price point
  • Performance figures are less than exhilarating

Performance is underwhelming. That said, acceleration and top speed are roughly in line with most competing 250W scooters. If you need something with more power and purpose, head to our section on the fastest electric scooters. If you’re happy with a 17 mph top end, read on…Range is another area where the Glider has room for improvement. The 9 mile maximum is quite restrictive. Make certain that this range gives you enough room for maneuver before committing to purchase. The good news? You can charge the battery fully in just 3 hours, kicking most of the opposition out of the park.


  • Top Speed: 17 mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 9 miles
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 pounds

bottom line for Go Trax glider

The Go Trax Glider is a smart choice if you have a short commute and you want an ultra-portable scooter at a reasonable price.

Unagi The Model One

Unagi manufactures some fine scooters boasting the same carbon fiber used in Elon Musk’s infamous rockets. So, if you’re looking for a tech-driven and design-led scooter from a highly reputable firm, The Model One is the obvious choice.Made from magnesium carbon fiber and aluminum, the Unagi is superlight. At a fraction over 20 pounds and packing an enviable folding mechanism, this scooter is a commuter’s dream. Even if your journey to work involves stages on public transportation, you can tuck this scooter under your arm and board the subway or bus with ease.Although only a 250W model, acceleration is reasonable. Earlier iterations of this scooter were especially sluggish. Since the recent redesign, the scooters are quieter and quicker. You’ll get up to 15 mph in 4.4 seconds. While not breathtaking, this will feel quite fast if you’re a complete beginner. You can brake to a halt from that speed in under 17 feet so you’ll feel safe at speed. Anti-lock brakes mean you can stop in a hurry with complete confidence.


  • Rubber tires guaranteed puncture-proof and perfect for some heavy punishment off-road
  • Silicon-treated aluminum deck for great traction
  • You’ll power up hills to 15% without slowing down
  • Generous maximum user weight considering compact nature of scooter
  • Triple-coated paint so your scooter looks pristine while warding off bumps and scrapes


  • Range is acceptable but could be improved
  • You might struggle on rough off-road tracks

The hill-climbing properties of this scooter are impressive. You can tackle gradients to 15% and beyond before you notice any slowing down on your ascent.The tires are puncture-proof even if you ride on rougher terrain. We feel the Unagi makes a much neater fit on smooth streets than rocky trails, though.Controls are all within easy reach on the magnesium handlebar. This scooter is beginner-friendly and extremely easy to control.


  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 275 pounds

bottom line for Unagi The Model One

The Model One comes in a choice of 4 striking colorways. Whichever you choose, you’ll benefit from LEDs in front and back. For short-range commutes on city streets with components of the journey on public transportation, the Unagi is the connoisseur’s choice.


Best Off-Road Electric Scooters

Next up, something for all you off-road lovers.Whether you enjoy taking your scooter on a gentle hiking trail, or you prefer more hardcore, rocky terrain, we nominate the following 3 scooters as best for off-road fun:

  • Mercane Wide Wheel Dual
  • Mototec Mad 1600W
  • UberScoot 1000W

Mercane Wide Wheel Dual

While FluidFreeRide’s Mercane Wide Wheel Dual might not be marketed as a performance scooter, you’ll get a reassuring burst of raw pace if you opt for this dual-motored modern classic. While the oversized tires and highly efficient suspension ensure riding smooth city streets is like gliding on air, this scooter excels off-road.The first thing to set straight is that this is not the lightest of units. Weighing 45 pounds, the Wide Wheel is not the best choice for taking onto public transportation. Chances are, that’s not your intended purpose if you’re on the trail of the Mercane.The pair of 500W motors kick out 800W of peak power each. Now, if you content yourself with Eco mode, you’ll use a single motor with performance still acceptable. Engage Turbo mode and the fun starts. You can hit 15 mph in under 3 seconds. Improved throttle control lets you get even more out of your new steed.


  • Upgraded version features better folding mechanism and throttle
  • Dual motors deliver a powerful blast of acceleration
  • Robust hill-climbing ability thanks to that twin powerplant
  • Reasonable range for a commuter scooter
  • Stable yet floating feeling when you’re riding on smooth roads


  • Braking could be overhauled, although stopping distance is about average
  • Quite heavy so not the most portable scooter
  • No-frills control panel provides nothing but the basics

Unsurprisingly given the power on tap, you’ll find it a breeze climbing steep hills without losing speed. Even sharper gradients are no match for the zippy Mercane. Out the box, the top speed of this scooter is limited to 20 mph. When unlocked, you’ll achieve 25 mph, quite brisk when you’re riding this low to the ground.Range is around 19 miles, more than fit for most purposes.The Wide Wheel delivers a smooth ride on rough ground. Spring suspension damps the vibration reasonably well. This scooter is not the best choice if you frequently ride on terrain with large ruts and potholes. You’ll find it a little bit firm for comfort under these conditions.You’ll find this scooter easy to fold down, but the snag comes with the heavy payload. Tipping the scales at 45 pounds, this is no lightweight.


  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 500W
  • Range: 19 miles
  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 pounds

bottom line for Mercane Wide Wheel Dual

So, whether you want a reliable and eco-conscious commuting vehicle, or you’re looking for some off-road fun on the hiking trail, we can’t recommend this FluidFreeRide gem strongly enough.

Mototec Mad 1600W

Mototec scooters might not be the cheapest option at your disposal, but you’ll be guaranteed a certain level of build quality belied by the weak 60-day guarantee. We’re surprised this is not lengthened substantially giving you the build quality and precision engineering.We’ll kick off by highlighting the downside of this scooter: it’s big. If you want a zippy little steed you can carry onto the subway without straining yourself, this is not the model for you. Even lifting the 100+ pound bulk into the trunk of the car is taxing.Assuming you don’t prize portability above all else, what do you get with the Mad?


  • Waterproof storage keeps your electronics safe and sound
  • Commanding good looks make a real statement
  • Front and rear suspension takes the sting out of the roughest terrain
  • Powerful and torquey motor for great acceleration and reasonable top speed
  • Bamboo footrests contrast nicely with steel chassis


  • Disappointingly short warranty
  • Extremely heavy and bulky for an electric scooter

Use a twist throttle to control the potent 1600W motor capable of zooming you beyond 20 mph at the upper end. Acceleration and hill-climbing are both commendable.With disc brakes in front and back, you can stop on a dime even if you’re pushing this scooter hard. This exceptional braking ability combined with controllable power makes the Mototec Mad a smooth fit for beginners seeking off-road action.It’s not just smooth city streets you can fly along with the Mad, you see. The massive gnarly tires are ideal if you do a lot of off-road riding. Feel the breeze on your neck as you pull back on that throttle and carom around the corners astride the Mad.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 106 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 310 pounds

bottom line for Mototec Mad 1600W

When you analyze the many strengths of this rugged and entertaining scooter, you might be amazed to find it priced so keenly. Check out the sticker price and treat yourself to the Mad 1600W. Emerge from lockdown in consummate style!

UberScoot 1000W

Last but not least in our trio of off-road scooters comes the pocket rocket UberScoot 1000W.The single motor allows you to travel at speeds of over 20 mph. While this might feel underwhelming to a seasoned scooter fan, beginners will find this pace exhilarating. Since power is still controllable, you won’t feel frightened or out of your comfort zone even if you’ve never ridden a scooter before.The air-filled tires are quite large at 10 inches. These pneumatic tires sit on alloy rims. While you’ll enjoy a remarkably smooth ride on paved roads, if you hit the trail, watch out for punctures. This scooter acquits itself well off-road in general and handles obstacles well.If you are rolling over rough and uneven ground, you’ll appreciate the twin shock absorbers in the back accompanying some highly effective shock absorbing forks at the front.


  • You’ll come catapulting away from a standing start 
  • Quick-release seat gives you the choice of sitting or standing
  • Highly efficient front and rear suspension allows you to ride with confidence over rough terrain
  • See how much range you have left at a glance with onboard battery meter
  • Easy one-touch folding mechanism to streamline storage and transportation


  • This is not the smartest choice for larger riders despite the high maximum weight limit
  • Beware of punctures when off-roading

Whatever kind of terrain you’re riding on, the ability to stop quickly and safely is equally as important as getting up to speed quickly. More so given that your safety and welfare is in the balance. Fortunately, disc brakes allow you to stop on a dime without locking up the wheels in the process.If you’re off-roading after dark, headlights and rear LEDs allow you to do so safely.While the folding mechanism on this scooter lets you break it down quickly and easily, it weighs close to 80 pounds. If you’re looking for a lighter and more portable scooter, check out our collection of the best folding scooters above.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 1000W
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for UberScoot 1000W

As crowning glory, the UberScoot 1000W is very fairly priced. Indeed, if you act quickly, you can capitalize on an aggressive discount. What are you waiting for?


Best Long Range Electric Scooter

For lengthy trips to and from work, or a day out riding, what can you do if you need a long-range electric scooter?You can choose from either of these fantastic steeds capable of all-day action, that’s what!

  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
  • Segway Ninebot ES4

Dualtron Thunder

The first thing we should say about the Dualtron Thunder is that this scooter from Minimotors is certainly not cheap. In fairness, this is far more than a regular ride, though. What do you get for your money with this thunderbolt?Well, enormous power comes courtesy of the twin 2700W motors. You’ll shoot away from a standing start, hitting 15 mph in 2 seconds flat. If you’ve never ridden a scooter before and you start with the Dualtron Thunder, we’d advise easing in gently. Don’t pull the throttle back fully until you’re feeling comfy aboard your new steed.Top speed leaves most of the opposition in the dust. You can hit 50 mph at the upper end which is stormingly quick for a small scooter. The brushless motors are punchy and torquey. You’ll find can easily spin both wheels, even at reasonably brisk speeds.


  • Crushing acceleration and outstanding top speed
  • Huge maximum range gives you ample scope for all-day fun
  • Oversized tires allow you to tool easily over curbs and other obstacles
  • Security is first-rate with fingerprint scanning to start
  • LED lights around the scooter make a striking statement


  • Charging is a tiresome procedure. Do yourself a favor and invest in the fast charger
  • Suspension delivers a tough ride even on smooth city streets
  • The Dualtron Thunder is certainly not cheap

With so much fun factor, you need brakes to match. Braking distance from 15 mph to a standstill takes 20 feet. This is achieved through positive and progressive braking with ABS for good measure. Even if you push the Dualtron Thunder to its limits, you’ll always feel safe. This assumes, of course, you’re wearing a suitable helmet and protective clothing. Don’t misjudge a scooter like this for a child’s toy. The power on tap is considerable.Ride quality is one area where the Dualtron Thunder could be improved. The 11-inch pneumatic tires help you to roll over obstacles and rougher terrain, but the rubber cartridge suspension is sub-optimal.


  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 2700W
  • Range: 75 miles
  • Weight: 95 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for Dualtron Thunder

We’ve saved the best for last, though. A colossal 75-mile range makes this one of the best long-range electric scooters on the market. Where many smaller models give you between 10 and 20 miles, you’ll have enormous scope for all-day fun on the trail or multiple trips to and from work without needing to recharge.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

The Wolf Warrior, like the Dualtron Thunder above, could easily qualify for many of our categories today. It’s an incredibly fast scooter, and also a solid off-road scooter. Beyond this, with a 42-mile range, it’s a strong contender for the best long-range electric scooter, too.So, we’ll kick off with a breakdown of performance. The twin 1200W motors deliver fearsome acceleration. If you haven’t tried a scooter before, be gentle with the throttle. It’s highly sensitive, and there’s no lag either when you pull away. You could try using a single motor until you feel comfy with the Wolf’s power. You’ll hit 15 mph in under 2 seconds and you’ll be traveling 40 mph in less than 10 seconds. That’s seriously quick.As you’d expect with all that firepower, you’ll make light work of steep hills astride this scooter. Even if you’re attacking aggressive gradients, you shouldn’t slow down too much as you power your way uphill.You might think with all that power you would be looking at disappointingly short range. Nothing could be further from the truth. Under normal stop-and-start urban conditions, you should get more than 40 miles of fun before you need to charge the battery. The manufacturer claims that maximum range is 62 miles, but we feel that’s wildly ambitious.


  • Arresting good looks
  • Slingshot acceleration and outstanding top speed
  • No throttle-lag whatsoever
  • Enough range to keep riding all day
  • Full hydraulic brakes let you stop abruptly and safely


  • The overall finish is a disappointment considering the price
  • This is a heavy and bulky scooter

Full hydraulic brakes on the front and rear of this scooter result in smooth and consistent braking. You’ll never feel exposed despite that abundance of power on tap.The trade-off you make with the Wolf Warrior comes in the form of its substantial bulk. Weighing over 100 pounds, you can fold this scooter down, but you’ll strain yourself if you try carrying it for too long. This does not make the best commuter scooter.Equipped with stock mud tires, you’ll have no trouble on tough terrain. The suspension tamps down the vibration from uneven ground, and overall ride quality is enviable.


  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 1200W
  • Range: 42 miles
  • Weight: 101 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 pounds

bottom line for Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

The Wolf Warrior 11 is a modern classic and one of the finest long-range electric scooters money can buy. The only question remaining is whether you can afford it.

Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway is a household name famous the world over for its self-balancing scooters. The company has been specializing in this form of transport for nearly 20 years now. So, are you prepared to pay a premium to buy into that brand heritage? If so, here’s what you get for your money…The first thing to clear up is that this is not a performance scooter. If you’re looking to carve up the traffic on the way to work, explore our guide to the best fast electric scooters directly below.Assuming you’re content with more pedestrian performance, the ES4 is not too sluggish. You’ll enjoy a top speed nudging 20 mph. We must admit acceleration is underwhelming, but that’s not the key draw with a scooter like this. Power delivery is smooth and this model makes a neat fit for beginners looking to liven up the morning commute.Range is excellent. You get 28 miles of regular use on a single charge which should be more than enough to get you to and from work. You also have the freedom to head out for longer missions in your free time. That kind of range also allows you to head off-road without worrying about needing to push your scooter back.


  • Highly portable if your morning commute involves public transportation
  • Despite the lightweight build and portability, you get a serviceable maximum user capacity so the Segway is suitable for most riders
  • You won’t get a puncture thanks to the solid tires
  • Respectable top speed for a non-performance scooter
  • Plenty of traction from the patterned deck


  • You’ll struggle for traction off-road
  • The Segway is not blisteringly quick
  • Buying into this brand comes at a significant cost

Off-road is not where this scooter is most comfortable, though. The 8-inch wheels don’t respond well to rocky terrain, so you’re much better sticking to smooth streets. Do that and ride quality is reasonable.The Segway weighs just over 30 pounds. While not the lightest electric scooter, you should have no problem picking it up and carrying it for short distances. As with most of the best scooters, it folds down for ease of storage and transportation.


  • Top Speed: 19 mph
  • Motor: 300W
  • Range: 28 miles
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 pounds

bottom line for Segway Ninebot ES4

If you’re motivated by the bottom line, there are better choices than the Segway Ninebot ES4. If you can stretch to that feisty price tag, you’ll be rewarded with a versatile long-range electric scooter that should give you years of pleasure.


Best Fastest Electric Scooter

Is speed your primary priority in an electric scooter?If so, you’ll be blown away with this batch of performance scooters with outstanding top speeds and shatteringly quick acceleration…

  • Currus NF
  • Nanrobot LS7 11
  • Rion2 RE 60 and RE 80 Racing Edition

Currus NF

Maybe you’re tempted by an electric scooter but turned off by the battery of models offering 20 mph top speeds and more gentle acceleration. If so, the Currus NF is the first in a trio of performance scooters to change your mind about this eco-friendly form of transport.If you unbox the Currus NF, you’ll be rewarded with a limp stock speed of just 12 mph. To overcome this, locate the wire bundle in the handlebar stem. Snip the orange wire and say hello to blistering speeds of 43 mph.You get dual-motors, each rated at 1800W. This gives you immense power in reserve. Acceleration is brisk enough to satisfy scooter veterans. You’ll fire away from a standstill with the power to climb hills without checking your speed.Our main gripe with this scooter is the twitchiness and general lack of stability you feel when you breach 30 mph. We advise sticking to this speed unless you want a bumpy and unstable ride.


  • Intuitive steel locking pin takes the guesswork out of folding and unfolding the Currus
  • Eye-catching design matched by top-notch build quality
  • Surge up steep hills with consummate ease
  • Parallel aluminum plates in place of the regular tubular stem you find on most scooters
  • Outrageous acceleration


  • Unstable and slightly twitchy at 30+ mph
  • Restricted, this scooter only hits 12 mph

Ride quality overall is commendable. While not marketed as an off-road scooter, you can tackle hiking trails and smoother off-road terrain without a hitch. On smooth city streets, you’ll enjoy a cushioned ride.Hydraulic front and rear brakes both come with ABS as standard. You can draw to a sharp halt without locking up the wheels and sliding off onto the asphalt.Range on this scooter is strong enough for it to qualify as a long-range electric scooter. Expect anywhere from 60 to 75 miles before you need to give the 60V li-ion battery a burst of charge.With wide and very grippy 10 x 3-inch tires, you’ll feel nicely connected to the road and capable of cornering quite quickly without losing traction.You get piercing LED headlights and equally efficient tail lights so you’re safe to roll around the clock. You also get an LED dashboard with all key metrics easily visible at a glance.Now, the flipside of this amazingly quick scooter comes when it hits the scale. Weighing in at 80+ pounds, you’ll struggle to carry this bad boy too far. If you hop on and off the subway as part of your morning commute, you might want to consider another scooter.


  • Top Speed: 43 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 1800W
  • Range: 60-75 miles
  • Weight: 81 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for Currus NF

If you have a need for speed and you don’t mind those extra pounds, the Currus NF is one of the best fast electric scooters in a crowded vertical. Road test this thrilling model at your earliest convenience.

Nanrobot LS7 11

Do you place speed above all other factors in your search for an electric scooter? If so, you need to pop the Nanrobot LS7 on your shortlist.Now, as you’d expect for a performance scooter, the LS7 doesn’t come especially cheap. The truth is, if you can afford this scooter, you’re highly unlikely to be bemoaning value for money. On the contrary, price/performance ratio is favorable.So, if you’re fortunate enough not to be driven by the bottom line, why is this thing so fast?Well, that lies with the throbbing 3600W motor. You get incredible pace from a standing start with acceleration leaving most of the opposition trailing. Only a bare handful of scooters could keep up with the LS7.


  • You can hit speeds north of 50 mph
  • Travel over 50 miles at full-clip before recharging
  • Brake from top speed to a halt in 2 seconds flat
  • Impart a full charge in as little as 5 hours
  • First-class shock absorbing so you’ll ride smoothly


  • You’ll need to dig deep for this scooter
  • The totally flat deck could be overhauled to improve ergonomics

The 11-inch air-filled tires ensure you roll smoothly over city streets. If you head off-road, keep your eyes peeled for puncture hazards. Spring-arm suspension enhances ride quality further.Like many performance scooters, the Nanrobot is quite weighty at 70 pounds. The benefit of this extra heft is a class-leading maximum user weight of 330 pounds.Range is outstanding. You can get more than 50 miles of fun in before needing to charge the battery. This can be carried in just 5 hours, much quicker than many electric scooters.Super-bright headlights, a flashing brake light, and deck lighting makes absolutely certain you’ll be safe and sound after dark.


  • Top Speed: 52 mph
  • Motor: 3600W
  • Range: 56 miles
  • Weight: 70 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 pounds

bottom line for Nanrobot LS7 11

Aside from the ruthless price tag, there’s very little else to knock about the Nanrobot LS7. If you have deep pockets and demanding tastes, you’re in luck!

Rion2 RE 60 and RE 80 Racing Edition

Now, we thought it fitting to close out with a true beast in the guise of the Rion2. Even the base model of this scooter is quick. Step up to the fittingly-named Racing Edition and you could max out at a ludicrous 80 mph.Now, if the 60 mph top speed of the base model suffices, you’ll need to prepare yourself for a stinging price tag. What do you get for your money, then?The Rion2 looks remarkable. The carbon composite body is finished in murdered-out black. The sweeping lines will leave you delighted you invested in this commuter’s dream.


  • Scintillating performance and the fastest electric scooter currently available
  • Fierce styling with carbon fiber and glass build
  • Dual controllers are a cinch to use even for complete beginners
  • This scooter rides on slick tires to maximize performance on smooth roads
  • The modular platform allows for easy upgrades of all core components


  • Not a beginner-friendly scooter
  • You’ll need to wait 3 months for this scooter to be built
  • Certainly not the most affordable electric scooter

The 12,800W power plant is enormously powerful. With a robust 80V battery onboard, you can expect up to 30 miles of range on a single charge. All you need is the 10A charger provided and your scooter will be juiced up for work the following day.Now, this is certainly not a starter scooter if you’ve never experimented with riding before. It’s certainly easy enough to ride and the feel is smooth. The problem is, that power is hard to control for amateurs.Despite such monumental performance, the Rion2 has a pretty compact footprint. It weighs just over 50 pounds, so it’s quite portable and lightweight for a performance scooter.


  • Top Speed: 60 mph (Racing Edition: 80 mph)
  • Motor: 12,800W
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: N/A

bottom line for Rion2 RE 60 And RE 80 Racing Edition

As with all scooters of this type, you can expect to pay for the privilege. That huge motor and all that tech doesn’t come cheap. If you have a more fluid budget, you won’t regret lashing out on the Rion2. If you do treat yourself, please drop us a line and let us know what you think. Do you think you can handle the Racing Edition, though?


Best Electric Scooter With Big Wheels

If skimpy scooters with tiny wheels turn you off, why not consider one of these big-wheeled bad boys?

  • Mototec FatBoy
  • Mototec MiniMad 800W
  • UberScoot 300W

Mototec FatBoy

To kick off our trio of scooters with big wheels is the style-driven Mototec Fatboy. When you check out the design of this beast, you might be scared to peek at the price tag. What if we told you this scooter was one of the most affordable on our list?The showpiece of this scooter is the vast 15-inch tires measuring 6 inches in diameter. To put this into perspective, these boots are triple the size of the tires on most regular electric scooters. As you’d expect, these tires result in a supremely cushioned ride even if you’re smashing over uneven ground.The power comes courtesy of twin 500W motors. You benefit from more than enough power for both city streets and off-road tracks. The only area the Fatboy falls down is hill-climbing. Once you start attempting slopes of more than 10%, you’ll slow up noticeably. Think about how you plan to use your scooter. If the terrain is mainly hilly, you might want to reconsider buying this model.


  • Ride in relaxed style with super-wide handlebars
  • 11-inch deck for great rigidity and strength off-road
  • Remove the seat if you want to take an upright racing stance
  • Tires much wider than those on a regular scooter
  • Highly effective headlight so stay safe at night


  • This model is heavy and quite bulky
  • You’ll slow down noticeably ascending hills steeper than 10%

The deck stretches 11 inches across. The thick steel frame adds to the weight so the Fatboy tips the scales at 90 pounds. Throw in some super-wide handlebars and this scooter is not commuter-friendly if you need to enter crowded areas on public transportation. Overall build quality is impressive.If you scour user reviews for the Fatboy, you’ll encounter almost universal praise. Happy customers flag speed, acceleration, design, ease of assembly, and design as noteworthy.You can remove the extra-wide saddle if you prefer standing, or leave it in place if you prefer a more relaxed ride. An oversized headlight ensures you stay safe after dark.The kickstand and keyed ignition are great news if you need to leave your scooter unattended while you run into the store.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 500W
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 pounds

bottom line for Mototec FatBoy

Front and rear disc brakes slow you down admirably so you’ll feel completely safe even if you’re a total beginner. Treat yourself to the Mototec Fatboy and come zooming out of lockdown refreshed and invigorated.

Mototec MiniMad 800W

We’ve got another scooter from the Mototec stable next in the shape of the MiniMad 800W. What makes this ride stand out in a glutted vertical, then?Well, the MiniMad, as the name hints, is a stripped-down version of the full-size Mad. You get less power and less weight while paying even less to buy into this rock-solid brand. What’s not to love?This mini version stands 7 inches shorter than its bigger brother. The reduced height makes this scooter even more maneuverable whether you’re cruising down slick city streets or rolling over uneven off-road trails. Break the MiniMad down and dimensions are reduced by a clear 10 inches.While portability is uppermost, comfort is certainly not sacrificed to achieve this. The remarkably soft saddle means you’ll get ample support if you have a lengthier commute. As with most scooters offering a saddle, you can remove this if you favor riding upright.


  • Easy to fold down for storage or transportation
  • The seat is supremely comfortable with excellent padding
  • This slimmer version of the iconic Mad model is still quite beefy to look at
  • 1HP brushless motor delivers reasonable power and torque
  • Mototec lifetime technical support comes included


  • You’ll struggle on more demanding terrain
  • You could find the range is unfit for purpose
  • This model has now been discontinued by the manufacturer

The adventurous design comes from celebrated industrial designer Alessandro Tartarini. The bamboo deck acts as a wonderful counterpoint to the swathes of steel.With this model, we struggled to unearth much by the way of user opinion. What reviews we encountered were overwhelmingly positive. Satisfied customers praise maneuverability, speed, and hill-climbing.A few words about the performance, then. At full speed, you’ll hit 20 mph, roughly standard for a scooter of this size. You’ll accelerate quickly even if the speed is not breathtaking. Control is via a twist throttle so there’s no learning curve involved for first-timers.Expect to get perhaps 15 miles on a single charge. This is one area where this scooter could be radically improved. Still, if you’re using the MiniMad as a commuting vehicle, this might not be an issue. Charging takes up to 8 hours, so it’s advisable to take care of this overnight.The 60-day warranty in place is, frankly, a disappointment. Although build quality is robust and rugged, the short guarantee raises alarm bells. That said, you’ll benefit from a lifetime of technical assistance which is a very generous bolt-on.


  • Top Speed: 18 mph
  • Motor: 800W
  • Range: 15 to 20 miles
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for Mototec MiniMad 800W

If you want a durable scooter with large wheels – you get 11-inch air-filled street tires here – you could do far worse than the MiniMad 800W.

UberScoot 300W

UberScoot has a deep bench of electric scooters catering for everyone from kids and teens to professional commuters and adrenaline junkies.This 300W model makes a great entry-level scooter if you’ve never ridden before but fancy a greener alternative to driving to work.Now, with 9-inch pneumatic tires, you’re getting an electric scooter with big wheels, even if those boots are not in the same magnitude as the 15-inch monsters on the Fatboy.


  • 9-inch air-filled tires are designed for city streets not off-road trails
  • You get ample power and torque for normal urban conditions
  • Fold the scooter down quickly and easily
  • Works well for teens or as an entry-level scooter for adults
  • Wide handlebars improve handling off-road


  • No suspension at all so not the smoothest ride
  • Off-road performance is weak

This scooter works best on smooth roads. You’ll be capable of traveling along smoother and more even off-road trails. More extreme terrain is beyond the capabilities of the mini UberScoot, though.Weighing a mere 40 pounds, this is a portable model suitable for public transportation. Fold it down and carry it onto the subway with relative ease.Build quality is commendable with a durable steel frame despite the relatively light overall weight.This model has no suspension whatsoever. Fortunately, those oversized wheels help significantly to iron out the bumps below.


  • Top Speed: 13 mph
  • Motor: 300W
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 240 pounds

bottom line for UberScoot 300W

With wide and sporty handlebars, peppy performance, and a 13 mph top end, this scooter won’t win any races, but it will certainly jazz up the journey to work.


Best Electric Scooter For Adults

If you thought electric scooters were nothing but toys, these adult models should make you rethink that…

  • Boosted Rev
  • Fluid Freeride Horizon
  • GoTrax GXL V2

Boosted Rev

The Boosted Rev retails at $1600, so it doesn’t qualify as a cheap electric scooter. It’s certainly among the very finest models intended for adult use, though. Try this thing and you’ll never again associate scooters with sluggish children’s playthings.Build quality is enviable. Many cheaper electric scooters are almost throwaway. You certainly wouldn’t expect to maintain and run them long-term. With the Boosted Rev, though, that R&D money is well-spent.No compromise is made when it comes to the power plant, either. Twin 750W motors propel you briskly off the mark. Top speed is 24 mph so you’ll get to your office much quicker than cycling or walking. Even if this is not the fastest electric scooter, beginners should find performance more than acceptable.This scooter weighs 46 pounds, on the heavy side of portable. You’ll have no problems picking the Boosted Rev up, but you’re unlikely to fancy carrying it too far. If your journey to and from work involves legs on public transportation, there are plenty of more portable models that would make a smoother fit.


  • You won’t get any twitchiness even at full speed
  • Build quality is first class and lifespan should be years if properly maintained
  • Brisk acceleration
  • Torquey motors for easy hill-climbing
  • Regenerative brakes help you stop with purpose


  • Limited range when you engage sports mode
  • Lack of suspension makes off-roading uncomfortable

Thinking of smooth, it’s smooth streets where the Boosted Rev comes fully to the fore. The lack of suspension means any uneven terrain results in a shockingly bumpy ride. This is strictly an urban plaything.Oversized tires go some way toward reducing vibration on city streets, but we would like to see some form of shock absorption at this price point.If you spend a lot of time riding hilly streets, you’ll find you can cope with hills to 25% before the Boosted Rev starts slowing down.Regenerative braking helps you to stop swiftly and safely.


  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 750W
  • Range: 22 miles
  • Weight: 46 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 pounds

bottom line for Boosted Rev

Only you can decide whether you feel the many qualities of this outstanding electric scooter for adults is worth the pretty substantial price tag.

Fluid Freeride Horizon

Fluid Freeride makes some top-notch scooters, and the classic Horizon is a great choice if you’re hunting for an adult’s electric scooter.Range is 26 miles, the length of a marathon. This might not seem like far and you can certainly find plenty of scooters with longer range. See our dedicated section above for a trio of suggestions. For most reasonable commutes, though, you should have ample range for several journeys before you need to juice up the battery.The Horizon works best on urban streets. Off-roading is not its forte due to small tires and underwhelming suspension.


  • The folding mechanism couldn’t be easier to use
  • Potent 500W motor for brisk performance on urban streets
  • Front and rear suspension is spring-style and gives quite a soft ride
  • You can surge up hills without slowing down
  • Handling is impressive in controlled urban conditions


  • Laggy acceleration until you pick up speed
  • Poor maximum range
  • Single-lever braking could be improved

Acceleration is average. You won’t be blown away as you twist back the throttle, but you’ll still hit 15 mph in just 4.5 seconds. This is quick enough to give beginners a jolt of fun on the way to the office. Even when you’re riding at full-clip, the Horizon feels taut and stable.You can assault steep slopes without running out of steam aboard this scooter.The folding nature of this scooter thanks to the telescopic stem streamlines commuting on public transportation. Slip onto a subway or bus with your Horizon in hand. Be prepared for the 42-pound weight and rethink if this is too much weight to comfortably handle. There are plenty of lightweight scooters you could buy instead.


  • Top Speed: 24 mph
  • Motor: 500W
  • Range: 26 miles
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 264 pounds

bottom line for Fluid Freeride Horizon

For a budget scooter, you get enviable build quality and lifespan. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. On other occasions, like with the FluidFreeRide Horizon 2020, a bargain can deliver outstanding results.

GoTrax GXL V2

The GoTrax GXL V2 is another dinky 250W scooter perfect for beginners or anyone not looking for the fastest electric scooter. What do you get for the very modest price tag?Well, that 250W motor might not win you any land speed records, but you’ll get power sufficient for a regular trip to and from work. Acceleration gets off to a poor start since this scooter doesn’t come with zero start. What this means in real terms is that you need to kick it until you’re riding at 2 mph or so. Once the motor activates, you’ll be up to the 13.5 mph top speed in just over 10 seconds. If you’ve never ridden a scooter before, this might seem thrilling. For old hands, you’ll be left wanting a little more power.That said, you’ll still be able to handle inclines without running out of steam until the gradient starts getting steeper. As you’d expect, with sharper hills, the lack of power becomes evident and you’ll slow right down. Still, if you were previously walking to work, this makes a significant upgrade.


  • The suspension lends to gentle off-roading
  • You can climb gentler hills without losing speed, although you’ll start slowing down on steep slopes
  • Great value for money and a beginner-friendly scooter
  • Crisp rear disc brake gives you the confidence to stop in a hurry without locking up the wheels
  • Ride very smoothly on paved roads thanks to pneumatic tires


  • You’ll find top speed and acceleration are only average
  • Short range is a disappointment
  • No tail light so beware at night

Thinking of upgrades, this second-generation GXL has an improved console, superior battery life, and an uprated folding mechanism.The real weak spot of this scooter is the 12-mile range. This limits usage quite dramatically so make sure this gives you enough room for maneuver. If not, plenty of the other electric scooters for adults we review give you much more latitude.The suspension ensures your ride is cushioned whether or smooth roads or hiking trails. It goes unsaid this scooter is not designed for hardcore trail work. For the occasional foray off-road, though, suspension will more than meet the challenge. This smoothness is bolstered by air-filled tires.


  • Top Speed: 13.5 mph
  • Motor: 250
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 275 pounds

bottom line for GoTrax GXL V2

Scooter veterans will be disappointed with the GoTrax while beginners will find this model breathes some eco-friendly exhilaration into the tedious morning commute.


Best Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

If you’re a heavier rider looking for maximum support and stability in an electric scooter, we saved the best for last…

  • Mototec Mad 1600W
  • Swagtron Swagger 5
  • TurboWheel Lightning+

Mototec Mad 1600W

The first in our selection of scooters for heavy adults is the Mototec Mad 1600W, yet another powerful scooter from a highly reputable stable.Whether you want to carry out some gentle off-roading, or you’re content to stick to the city streets on your way to and from work, what makes this scooter worthwhile?Firstly, if you’re a larger adult, you might find the vast bulk of electric scooters feel too flimsy and restrictive. Many have reasonably low maximum user weights. Not so with the Mad with a capacity of 310 pounds.With a 1600W brushless motor, you enjoy a great deal of power and torque. The variable-speed twist throttle is easy to use even for novices. There’s no learning curve to deal with here.


  • Ample power and torque to travel at 20+ mph
  • Eye-catching design
  • Steel contrasts neatly with the bamboo footrest
  • Front and rear suspension cushions your ride when the going gets rough
  • Weatherproof storage
  • Plenty of weatherproof storage for your morning commute or day out


  • Warranty could be much lengthier
  • Heavy and bulky scooter

If you venture off-road, the oversized tires help to flatten out your ride. Wherever you’re riding, the front and rear disc brakes will bring you grinding to a halt without skidding.The contrast between steel body and wooden decking is sublime and the casual decals lend to the kicked-back aesthetic. You also get some waterproof carrying bags so you can keep your electronics safe from harm.With dual headlights, reflectors, and a horn, you can ride this scooter with a clear conscience knowing you can see and be seen at night.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Range: 15+ miles
  • Weight: 106 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 310 pounds

bottom line for Mototec Mad 1600W

Aside from a short, 2-month guarantee we’d like to see lengthened, this a great electric scooter for heavy adults and one of our personal favorites.

Swagtron Swagger 5

The Swagtron Swagger 5 lives up to its name. This lively and nimble scooter also works especially well for larger adults. Maximum capacity of 320 pounds means this steed should be suitable for just about everyone. If you’re larger than 320, it might be time to consider shedding a few pounds!The 250W motor is much smaller than the power plants on many of the performance scooters we review. That said, you’ll still find acceleration and top speed do the job for the morning commute. The weakness becomes apparent in hilly areas. With gradients of 10% or more, you’ll slow down significantly. While you shouldn’t need to dismount, progress will be impeded.


  • See everything you need at a glance on the LED
  • Accelerate briskly but smoothly
  • Ride and handling remarkably responsive
  • Great hill-climbing abilities with gentler slopes
  • Zero-start for instant action


  • Maximum range is less than ideal
  • The finish is not impressive
  • Build quality could be radically improved

The 11-mile range is woeful but in line with similar scooters in-class. If you just use this thing to travel to and from the office at either end of a subway journey, you might find you have ample latitude. If this will be insufficient freedom for you, consider one of the long-range scooters we highlight above.Fit and finish is not the best with this scooter. In fairness, the price tag is such that you can’t expect exceptional attention to detail.


  • Top Speed: 18 mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 320 pounds

bottom line for Swagtron Swagger 5

The Swagger 5 makes an entry-level ride. Performance will certainly not blow you away, but it’s not so pedestrian as to leave you feeling cheated either.

TurboWheel Lightning+

How would you like to hit speeds of 40 mph on an electric scooter this summer? If you’re a heavyweight rider, maybe you think this isn’t possible. We’re here to show you it is and how to achieve it with the TurboWheel Lightning+.The 330-pound maximum user weight places this scooter at the top of the list of scooters for heavy adults. You should feel safe and stable astride this beast even if you are heavy.


  • Generous maximum user weight of 330 pounds
  • Decent range of 30 miles on a single charge
  • Impart a full charge in just 3 hours
  • Stop with purpose thanks to hydraulic brakes
  • Easy to break the scooter down for storage and transportation


  • You might feel unstable at full tilt
  • Not entirely portable at 77 pounds

Range is pretty decent at 30 miles. This could allow you to travel to and from work all week before you need to charge the battery. Alternatively, you have enough scope for a full day out. Charging is super-swift requiring just 3 hours.A pair of 1000W motors shoot you out the blocks at great velocity. You’ll zoom on up to 40 mph and take hills in your stride without slowing down aboard this scooter.The design of this scooter is subtle but striking. You get a two-tone charcoal studded with red accents.


  • Top Speed: 40 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 1000W
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Weight: 77 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 pounds

bottom line for TurboWheel Lightning+

The Lightning+ weighs 77 pounds, but that’s the price you pay for such a heavy maximum user weight, and a price worth paying.


What To Do Next

Well, we trust you’ve found the best electric scooter for your needs already. If not, take the time to explore our site fully. We dive down into detail about all the leading models so you can make your buying decision with your eyes wide open.Before you go, don’t forget to bookmark this page as your go-to resource for electric scooters. We have an ambitious content calendar in place for the rest of summer, so keep visiting for more. We’ll see you soon!

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