The Best Long Range Electric Scooters (12 to 80 Miles)

Have you finally decided to buy that electric scooter, but can’t make up your mind which of the many models would suit you best?

Well, we are going to help you with that.

Although, we recommend that you at least take a quick look at the scooters in other categories. Because it may surprise you what you can get for the same, or even lower prices, in scooters with a greater range than you might actually need.

Now, let’s take a look at what the options are.

We’ve broken down the categories to the best scooters in the following mileage ranges, from 10 miles to 80 miles:

  • 10 to 15 miles
  • 15 to 20 miles
  • 20 to 25 miles
  • 25 to 30 miles
  • 30 miles and over

Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 10 to 15 miles

If your daily commute is less than 15 miles in each direction, and you don’t need your scooter to go further than that, then there’s no reason to pay extra for capacity that you don’t need.

GoTrax GXL 2$299.99

There are several reasons why the Go Trax GXL is our favorite in this category, and we’re willing to bet that it will also be yours after we explain them to you.

Another fantastic feature for this product is its handlebar stem, which is a 250W motor. Also, the engine in question has a lithium-Ion battery that supplies it with power. It uses a gear shaft mechanism to deliver power to the wheels. As a result, it gives you a top-ranking torque amount.

This Glider has a top speed of 17mph, which is suitable for a scooter. Besides, its charge can take you a distance of nine miles. However, you can extend its battery life by pushing it yourself, thus making the scooter more reliable.

Also, its short charging period makes it more dependable. You only need a maximum of three hours to charge it fully.


At the time of this writing, the GXL 2 is the cheapest of all the long-range electric scooters. Yet, it still has all of the advanced features that are found on electric scooters which cost a great deal more.

Foldable, lightweight & compact

The GXL 2 is extremely portable. Its lever-activated folding frame weighs only 27 pounds, which means most people will not have the least difficulty picking it up and unfolding it. It also measures a measly 44 x 15 x 6 inches, so it should not be hard to find a place to store it in even the smallest of places.

12 mile range

Considering the price and features, the GXL 2 is a dream machine if you normally ride about 10 miles, and like having the peace of mind of a little spare power in case you need it.

Super short charging time

Just one charge of 3 to 4 hours will give you enough juice for a full 12-mile ride. What such a quick charge time means for you is that plugging it in even at short stops, such as a latte and croissant break, will top it off enough to add to its range.

And if you recharge it while you are at work, it will be ready for the trip back home even if you only work for half the day. So if you leave for the office with a less than full tank, you really only need enough of a charge to go one way, and can rest easy knowing that you will come back to a fully charged scooter to go out to lunch, if you wish.

15.5 mph

If your commute is less than 12 miles each way, then it will take you less than an hour if there is nothing to prevent you from traveling at full speed. There are also 2 different gears, each of which will allow you to set a different maximum speed.

Cruise control

For you to truly appreciate just how impressive it is for the GXL 2 to have cruise control, you need to consider that the next cheapest model to have it – the Segway Ninebot ES4 – costs over $400 more. Using the cruise control is a very simple matter, you only need to hold down the accelerator for at least 10 seconds in order to activate it.

Smart LED handlebar display

Checking your speed and battery life on the GXL 2 is a breeze with the LED display on your handlebars. It only takes a quick glance at the speedometer, or the 4 lights that indicate battery levels.

LED Headlight

No need to worry anymore about riding at night. The LED headlight on the GXL 2 is ultra-bright.

Safe and Sturdy

The regenerative brakes at the front of this scooter are perfectly fine, but the hand-operated rear disc brake is a rock star. Most people find that they can react much more quickly with a handbrake than a foot brake.The fortified frame of the GXL 2 has a reinforced fender and deck. And while it does not happen to have a suspension system, as some other scooters might, its air-filled 8.5-inch tires handle bumpy roads every bit as well and adds to the solid feel of this machine.

It’s also the best foldable scooter for adults

With all of these highly desirable features packed into such a low-cost machine, it’s no wonder that the GoTrax GXL 2 is also considered the best foldable scooter for adults.

Runner Up: Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 10 to 15 miles

There’s no denying that some of the features of our runner up scooter in this category, the Swagger 5 beat the GoTrax GXL 2. The question is whether they are worth the significantly higher price tag. Here’s what you need to know in order to make that decision.

Swagger 5$349.99

Like the GXL 2, the Swagger 5 is a folding scooter that weighs about 26 pounds. It can go almost the same distance, 11 miles instead of 12 miles, has cruise control and rear disc brake, and LED dashboard. The two primary features that separate the Swagger 5 from the pack are:


The Swagger 5 can hit 18 miles an hour to the 15 miles an hour of the GXL 2. So if every extra bit of speed you can squeeze out of an electric scooter is your top priority, this is definitely a model worth your consideration.


This feature easily makes the Swagger 5 stand out in a crowd of electric scooters. It’s the only model to sport a phone mount, and for good reason. There is an app available in both Android and iOS versions that allows you to actually connect your scooter via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.That allows you to use the display in order to control your scooter in real-time. The app can be used to turn the headlight on and off, operate the cruise control function and even save energy by activating the scooter’s sleep mode. If you have Google Maps installed on your phone, you can simply enter your destination and take advantage of the phone’s GPS system to get turn by turn directions.Is all of that worth an extra $50 or so? That’s for you to decide.


Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 15 to 20 miles

If you need to go a little further between charges, then here are a couple of models to consider.

Unagi Model One$299.99

The Unagi Model One is the winner in this category for several good practical reasons, including the fact that it can go 15.5 miles on one charge. But those who place a high value on aesthetics will appreciate it the most, because this scooter is like a little work of art. we seriously doubt that you will find another scooter that is its equal when it comes to design.

However, the Unagi is not just a pretty face, it has a lot to offer in the way of performance, as well. So let’s take a look at the features where it stands out the most.


The Unagi Model One is another lightweight folding scooter. It weighs only 22.5 pounds, so even getting it on and off buses or trains will present very little difficulty to pretty much anyone. Better yet, it requires only a single clicking motion to activate the clicking mechanism. This is one highly portable machine.


The LG batteries are absolutely top of the line, and they have one of the shortest charging times of similarly sized batteries. But these amazing batteries are made even better by the Unagi’s power management system, which prevents short circuits, abnormal temperatures, over-currents and much more.

This intelligent system gives the batteries increased reliability and longevity. Even if you ride this scooter every single day, the batteries should last for years and years.


You can tell the tires on the Unagi Model One are unique just by looking at them, but you may not immediately realize just how special they are. It’s true that the tires are made of solid rubber and are puncture free, so you don’t have to worry about flat tires. But although that’s impressive, puncture-proof tires are not exactly unknown on other electric scooters. No, what sets apart the tires on the Unagi the empty space in the oblong cutouts that make up about a third of the tires, following their entire circumference.Those cutouts aren’t just for decorative purposes, either. They actually act as a suspension system.


The Unagi Model One has a dual electronic anti-lock braking system for added safety. Just like in an automobile, the more you press down on the brake, the more it will apply stopping power. So you can use it to come to a more gradual, less abrupt stop.


There is a 250 watt front-drive motor with Beginner and Advanced modes. They allow you to get comfortable with the scooter while going about 9 miles an hour before increasing to 12.4, or even 15.5.You aren’t restricted to flat surfaces, either. The motor provides enough torque to let you take inclines up to 6 degrees. And you won’t have to worry about overheating, since the scooter has a built-in customized monitoring system.


As lightweight as it is, the use of carbon fiber allows the Unagi Model One to be strong and durable, as well. The large LED control display that is built into the handlebars is as intuitive as it is beautiful. There is a blinking tail light, an LED headlight and a water-resistant rating of IP54, which means riding in the rain is no problem. It even has a horn!This elegant scooter is as useful as it is beautiful, which is why it is ranked number one in this category. However, if you’d like an electric scooter with the same range, but a little less pricey, then you can save over a couple of hundred dollars on our runner-up, the Segway Ninebot ES2.

Runner Up: Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 15 to 20 miles

Segway Ninebot ES2$589

The Segway Ninebot ES2 has some very desirable features of its own, in both design and performance. Its main drawback is the lack of a cruise control function. So if that is a deal-breaker for you, you may want to look at the Ninebot ES4, which does feature it. But if cruise control isn’t a must for you, then read on to find out what the ES2 has to offer.The Ninebot ES2 weighs 27.6 pounds and has a one-click folding mechanism, making it nice and portable if you need to get it on and off trains or buses. It also has a good LED display built-in and a nice bright headlight, so you aren’t making compromises on any of those features. But it also offers some very nice advantages for its price range.

Suspension System

The Ninebot ES2 has front and rear shock absorbers that ensure a comfortable ride. You may think these are not necessary on an electric scooter, but without them, you would constantly be bounced around with your wrists and legs jarred by every imperfection you come across on the roads you ride.


The batteries on the ES2 are monitored closely by a smart battery management system, which efficiently provides the highest level of performance the machine is capable of. Combined with a 700-watt motor, they not only allow you to ride for 15.5 miles at up to 15.5 miles per hour, but also give you the ability to take on 10 degree inclines without breaking a sweat.Although there is no cruise control on this model, it does have three different modes to choose from: speed limit, standard and sport. There is also a dual manual and electrical braking system that makes it possible for you to slow down and stop safely.


The ES2 has a luxurious sleekly modern design, and is available in both silver and grey finishes. But the star of this scooter’s design lies beneath the chassis, where there are eye-catching lights that can be customized to your preferences.

So, again, if cruise control is not a must for you, then the Segway Ninebot ES2 can give you a stylish, comfortable, high-performance ride at a significantly lower cost than our first choice in this category.


Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 20 to 25 miles

If you need to travel across large cities – or to nearby communities – on a regular basis, then you will be looking at scooters with wider ranges and faster speeds. We have found a couple that will suit your needs admirably.

Boosted Rev$1,799

Our favorite scooter in this category happens to be one of the best electric scooters in any category. The multiple unusual features make it stand out in any crowd of its peers. It’s truly a breathtaking piece of innovative technology. Seriously, there is so much good stuff about this machine that it’s hard to know where to start, so let’s go with the basics.

Range and Speed

The Boosted Rev can go a full 22 miles at 24 miles an hour. However, it offers 3 different modes to choose from. The first tops out at 12 miles an hour, the second allows you to go 18 miles an hour and the third allows you to hit the previously mentioned 24 miles per hour.One of the best benefits of that kind of acceleration is the ability to scale inclines up to 25 degrees. For reference, you will have no problems with hills similar to what you’d find in San Francisco. Another excellent feature of this scooter is that you get the full range at the fastest speed with just one 3 hour charge.


This is where the Boosted Rev displays its magnificence. It does have some of the same features as the scooters previously mentioned in this review. For instance, it has an LED display on the handlebars that makes it easy to see your speed, range and battery level at a glance. The super-bright headlights can be controlled by its interface, as well, and this model also sports a rear fender light. Additionally, the scooter’s folding mechanism can be operated with a single touch.However, the Boosted Rev has several unique features which those other scooters do not, which you will very much appreciate.

Lockable Frame

At 46 pounds, this machine is heavier than the other folding scooters that were mentioned before. So, while it’s still possible for some people to lift it onto buses, it’s long-range means it’s not as often necessary to do so. But it’s also not so easy to just carry around as lighter weight models, meaning it may have to be left outside more often. That’s why the frame was designed to lock its metal frame to a bike rack, or other permanent structure, when necessary.

Speedy Acceleration

The Rev boasts a dual wheel drive similar to an automobile. That allows you to go from zero to 20mph in only 4.1 seconds. You can imagine how many situations where that will be a great help.

Throttle Wheel

While most electric scooters control their motors either by pushing down on buttons or levers, or twisting the grip like on motorcycles, the Rev lets you simply roll your thumb across a wheel. Roll it to the left to go faster, and to the right to slow down, for a more nuanced control.

Triple Braking System

That’s right, the Rev has not one, not two, but three different ways to brake. In addition to the electric and mechanical disc brakes, there is also a rear fender brake. You will not find this kind of braking power in any other scooter, and it will give you great peace of mind while traveling fairly long distances at top speed.


Unlike most electric scooters that have a waterproof rating of IP54, the Rev has an IPX7 rating. What that signifies is that the scooter could survive a 30-minute accidental submersion in up to a meter (3.3 feet) of water. The practical significance of that rating is that you can glide through many of the deepest of puddles without worrying about damaging your scooter.


The custom-designed extra-wide tires on the Rev provide more than enough traction to keep it from skidding or sliding. Their high 9-inch profile also contributes to making your ride smooth and comfortable due to their ability to take harsh road conditions in stride.As though all of that wasn’t enough, there is an integrated app that allows you to control and monitor your scooter with your phone, or even an Apple watch. All in all, the Boosted Rev leaves very little to be desired. It’s really one of the absolute best electric scooters on the road.

Runner Up: Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 20 to 25 miles

WideWheel Dual$1,199

If you don’t need all of the bells and whistles found on the Boosted Rev, but still want to travel comfortably as fast and far, then you can save several hundred dollars by going with the WideWheel Dual.With its rear disc brakes, plus front and back LED lights, this collapsible scooter is a safe, high-quality machine that will be more than satisfactory for many riders. Indeed, it has some unique features of its own.

Range and Speed

One full charge of this scooter will allow you to go 20 miles at 25 miles per hour. That’s only 2 miles less of a range while actually going a little faster.


The WideWheel Dual is no slouch in the design department. It is built with a state-of-the-art casting process that involves no welding whatsoever. This makes the scooter as structurally strong as it’s possible to be, which results in supreme durability, as well as an aesthetically pleasing seamless look.The handlebar display allows you to not only see your battery level – which is vital on long-distance rides, but also the charging status when the scooter is plugged in. A quite unusual deck shape and mudguard width add to the cool appearance, and it’s all topped off with a sophisticated charcoal grey paint job.


You will be happy to hear that there is a front and rear suspension system on the WideWheel that was uniquely designed to provide you with the most comfortable of rides. This is a factor that is even more important when traveling longer distances.


As its name implies, the WideWheel’s tires are wider than usual, at 4 inches. Together with their 8-inch height, the tires offer increased traction, which goes a long way to providing you with the stable ride you require. Not only do these tough tires take in stride any obstacles or irregular terrain you might encounter, they are also up to some off-road adventures, allowing you to leave traffic behind and enjoy a cross-country ride.The WideWheel Dual has a lot to offer to anyone who would be happy to travel 20 miles away at 25 miles an hour on a single charge.


Best Electric Scooter with a Range of 25 to 30 miles

There is just one scooter we are recommending in this category. Because it is so good, in so many ways, that you may want to consider it even though you don’t need to travel anywhere near 25 to 30 miles.Why is that, you ask?Well, if you take a look at the price, you’ll find that it goes further and faster than any of the previously mentioned scooters, while costing less than our first choice – and even one of our runners-up – in the last two categories. That will be even more amazing once you see the features it comes with.

Segway Ninebot ES4$769

We can’t say it often enough. If you want a good-looking portable electric scooter with great range and power, at an affordable price, the Ninebot ES4 is really hard to beat. Especially since it has even more to offer than those highly desirable features. So let’s get into the details.

Range and Speed

The Ninebot ES4 can travel up to an impressive 28 miles at a speedy 18.6 miles per hour on one charge. It has the power to climb inclines of up to 15 degrees. There are two riding modes, standard and sport. The sport mode will take you to the full 18.6 mph.Unlike its little brother, the ES2, this model has cruise control. And it is provided at the simple flip of a switch, so you will not need to use the accelerator in order to maintain a constant speed of your choosing.


In case you were worried that you had to sacrifice style in order to get all of the other desirable features at this price, let us disabuse of that notion by informing you that the ES4 is the recipient of an iF Design Award. This is quite the elegant machine.In addition to the dark grey seamless finish, the built-in LED display provides you with your speed and battery level. It will also turn the headlight on with a simple touch of the power button.The ES4 has both rear and sidelights that you may customize to suit your individual tastes. Not just for style, the lights will increase your visibility in low light conditions. The attention to design on this scooter definitely goes far beyond aesthetics.This model only weighs 30.9 pounds, making it very portable, and its frame is incredibly easy to fold in half. It is nicely compact when folded, only 45 x 17 x 16 inches. So it will fit easily tucked away at the back of a closet, in the trunk of your car or even under the desk in your office.


The ES4 has both internal and external lithium-ion batteries, which combine to provide the scooter with its excellent power and range. The scooter does take 7 hours to fully charge, but the meticulous battery design means that they are protected from over-charging, over-current and overheating, nor will they short-circuit. They can be charged and recharged again and again, yet will stand the test of time with no problem.

Comfort and Safety

There are both front and rear shock absorbers on the ES4 that will ensure a smooth comfortable ride at even its highest speeds. And it has electrical, as well as mechanical, brakes for added safety. The textured anti-slip handle will allow you to have a much better grip and control of your scooter.


The solid non-pneumatic tires on the ES4 are a nice large 8 inches in front and 7.5 inches in the rear.In short, the Segway Ninebot ES4 is a powerhouse. It raises the bar for high-performance electric scooters not only with its power and range, but also with its dual batteries, superior technology, comfort and performance. But it clinches its place above its peers by offering all of this inside a very cool looking package at an affordable price.Since it squarely hits all of the major requirements most riders look for in an e-scooter, it’s hard to imagine why anyone with budget considerations would pay more when they don’t really have to.


Best Electric Scooter with a Range of Over 30 miles

If you have to cover a distance of more than 30 miles on a single charge, or if you are not restrained by budget considerations, then we can point you in the direction of exactly the scooter you need to look at.

Wolf Warrior 11$2,899

If you want the freedom to go pretty much anywhere an automobile could take you, then you need look no further than the amazing Wolf Warrior. In fact, it has features more often found in cars and motorcycles than on electric scooters. It’s actually a little hard to believe that a scooter could offer all that this one does, but we will give you all of the incredible details.

Range and Speed

Okay, hold on to your hats, and don’t scoff in disbelief. The Wolf Warrior can really travel up to a full 93.2 miles (150 kilometers) on one full charge. And it can reach an astonishing 50 miles an hour…although not at the same time.

You see, the Wolf Warrior has an eco-mode and a dual-drive mode. You can only go 50 miles an hour in the dual-drive mode, and that will allow you to cover about 56 miles (90 kilometers). To cover the furthest possible distance, you have to ride in eco-mode.Those are still amazing numbers, though. Plus, this scooter will scale inclines of up to 45 degrees with no problem.We have a hard time comprehending how any scooter in existence could possibly be capable of this. But somehow the Wolf Warrior manages it…and more.


The Wolf Warrior is made of aviation-grade aluminum using one-piece forging. It doesn’t get much stronger than that for structural integrity. It has TWO 60 volt, 1200 watt brushless motors that can reach a maximum peak power of 5400 watts.Now, the Kaabo website claims that this model is foldable and liftable. It is certainly foldable, but at 101.4 pounds, there probably won’t quite so many people lifting these machines on and off buses and trains as some of our previously mentioned models. However, it does hold a load of 330 pounds when flat, so anyone weighing anything close to that number probably will not find it very difficult to lift.On the handlebar, you will find an LED display showing your speed and battery level. Next to that is another mounted mechanism that holds the power switch, speed level and mode buttons, as well as an accelerator lever that is easily reached with one finger while holding the grip next to it. Below those are 2 switches with options for Single/Dual and ECO Turbo.


The LG manufactured 60 volt 35 AH battery on the Wolf Warrior has to be a powerful monster to provide the range and speed that it does, and it is. The downside, of course, is charging time. Kaabo says it can take over 17 hours to fully charge from empty with a 2 amp charger. However, the scooter does support quick charging, so you can charge it in about 9 hours using 4 amps.

Comfort and Safety

With motorcycle level dual hydraulic shock absorbers in front and the dual spring suspension system in back, the Wolf Warrior will guarantee the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible, even when off-roading. They will also keep the scooter safe and stable at its highest speeds.There are, unsurprisingly, front and rear headlights on the Wolf Warrior. But they are not just any headlights, and they aren’t the only lights on the scooter. There are actually two big super-bright headlights on the front of this model, and they are adjustable so that you can have them side-by-side or one above the other. Not only that, but you can choose from three different modes for them: low, bright or blinking.As though all of that wasn’t more than enough, there are also lights on the side deck, as well as ground effects lights. All of the lights combined should give you all the visibility you need in low light conditions.Another helpful feature is the Wolf Warrior’s water resistance. Its IPX4 rating certificate is assurance that riding in the rain and through puddles will present few difficulties. As long as the scooter isn’t submerged, you should be able to weather most of the puddles you come to. Of course, you still need to use common sense and extra caution on wet roads. Slow down, stay alert and use all of your lights.When it comes to brakes, the Wolf Warrior specs sound like a luxury automobile with front and rear hydraulic brakes, as well as an electronic ABS anti-lock system that monitors the tires to see if they are locked. If they are, the system turns on the motor for a short period, in order to help with the braking. This system actually makes off-road riding safer, too, because it allows the tires to grip the ground better.And speaking of tires…


The tires on the Wolf Warrior are 11 inches, which provide the scooter with almost 8 inches of ground clearance. Believe it or not, you actually get a choice of tires with this model. If you plan to do any off-roading, the more rugged cross-country tires will take on any hills or bumps you come across with no problem whatsoever, even on the roughest terrain. But you will want to choose the smoother tires if you will be riding mostly on paved roads.There is no question that the Wolf Warrior offers the ultimate in range, speed, safety and build quality. But it’s heavy and pricey. If it’s within your budget and you don’t expect to be having to lift it, though, this electric scooter is everything you could possibly ask for.


Bottom Line

So there you have it, the best electric scooters in a variety of mileage ranges. With all of the details on range, speed, build, comfort and safety, you should have all the information you need to decide which features you absolutely must have, and which you are willing to forgo in a trade-off for lower prices.We hope you have found these reviews helpful, and wish you the best for many great rides with your new electric scooter. Also, just a gentle reminder to always familiarize yourself with the laws in your area that pertain to owning and riding electric scooters, and to make a habit of following the strictest safety precautions, to protect yourself and those around you. 

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