The Best Off-Road Electric Scooters for The Most Rugged Terrain

City streets the world over are studded with electric scooters. Offering a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly means of transport, it’s no surprise millions of commuters choose these two-wheeled steeds in favor of grappling with cars, buses, or trains.

How about off-road electric scooters, though?

That’s exactly what we’ll be exploring today if you’re looking for some fresh entertainment this year. What should you consider on the buying trail if you have no idea what you’re looking for, then?

Speed and power

We’ve summarized the key performance metrics of each electric scooter we review so you can compare at a glance the top speed and motor power of each model. Power is rated in watts (W) and the scooters we look at today range from 300W right up to 2400W at the upper end. Top speeds span from under 20 mph to 50+ mph in the case of the outlandish Wolf Warrior. All that counts here is choosing in line with your needs and experience level.


Think about where you’ll be riding your scooter. Is it primarily city streets you’ll be traveling or do you plan to do some serious off-roading? If so, what type of ground will you ride on? Only when you’ve considered these factors can you laser in on the best electric scooter to meet those needs.

Hill-climbing ability

Are you planning to ride up lots of steep inclines? For hill-climbers, you’ll need to make certain the scooters on your shortlist are capable of sharp ascents. We draw your attention to how these scooters perform in this regard so you can compare them with ease.


Look for large and knobbly tires if you’re planning to do lots of off-roading. Smoother road tires are the best bet if this scooter is a commuter ride rather than leisure chariot


For anyone intending to do a lot of off-road riding on rough and uneven ground, it’s essential to scope out a scooter with adequate suspension to smooth your passage. Get this wrong and you’ll end up with a bone-shaking experience you won’t be keen to repeat. Get it right and ride in comfort all day.


The faster the scooter you choose, the more critical the brakes on that vehicle are. All the models we review perform admirably in this respect so you can stay confident that safety is uppermost when you’re riding.

Price/performance ratio

While price is a factor in any buying decision, it shouldn’t be the determining factor. Rather than obsessing purely over the bottom line, you should assess overall value instead. Think about how often you’ll be using this scooter and whether or not it saves you money you would have spent on alternative transport.

While electric off-road scooters are not cheap, we’ve furnished you with a handful of budget options today. If you want to get started on a tight budget, there are several affordable scooters out there that won’t force you to compromise performance in pursuit of a bargain.

OK, with that foundation in place, you should have a solid overview of what to look for in the best off-road electric scooters.We’ll get right down to business now with our capsule reviews of the leading models on the market.Dive in!


9 Best Off-Road Electric Scooters 2020

1. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

If you’re looking for raw pace as a priority in your off-road electric scooter, the fierce Wolf Warrior 11 from Kaabo should be uppermost on your list.Kaabo has been producing high-performance electric scooters for almost a decade and they continue to stretch the boundaries for this type of vehicle. The Wolf Warrior 11 comes screaming onto the scene, then. Does it rival the iconic Dualtron Thunder or is it a damp squib? Read on to find out…


  • Outflanks most of the opposition with blistering 50 mph speeds
  • Full hydraulic brakes so you can stop as efficiently as you carve up the trail
  • Capable of handling sharp inclines to 30%
  • High ground clearance ideal when off-road
  • Dual-spring suspension and pneumatic tubeless tires for a cushioned ride on uneven terrain


  • Tips the scale at over 100 pounds so not highly portable
  • Long charging times of up to 17 hours
  • Fit and finish is disappointing at this price-point

First thing’s first, this is not a cheap electric scooter. If you’re motivated primarily by budget, we’d recommend several of the more affordable models below. If, on the other hand, you have deep pockets and exacting tastes, the WW 11 might be the beast you have been waiting to tame.We can’t fail to mention that sizzling top speed north of 50 mph. Start cautiously if you’re not too experienced or you could be overwhelmed by the power. This pace is achieved with a pair of potent 1200W brushless motors.Inverted hydraulic shocks on the front smooth out exacting terrain. This is what you’d expect on a motorcycle. Brakes are equally impressive with full hydraulics and optional ABS. Stopping on a dime is crucial when you can barrel along at high speeds like this and Kaabo delivers.If you love slicing up sharp inclines when you’re off-roading, you’ll confidently tackle even aggressive gradients of 30% and higher.The twin controllers and display are manufactured by Minimotors, the outfit behind the legendary Dualtron Thunder. While these are precision-engineered, we’d like to see more attention to detail on the overall fit and finish. You don’t get the feel of luxe you’d expect at this price. We did appreciate the piercing LED headlights, perfect for illuminating gloomy trails so you stay safe.The oversized LG battery gives you up to 80 miles of range on a full charge. You should consider investing in the fast charger to speed up charging.Maximum load-bearing capacity is a generous 330 pounds so the Wolf Warrior is suitable for most users. The flipside is a fairly hefty 101-pound scooter that’s not exactly portable.


  • Top Speed: 50 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 1200W
  • Range: 80 miles
  • Weight: 101 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 330 pounds

bottom line for Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

If you’re tempted by the Wolf Warrior 11, all you need to ask yourself is whether you want road tires or off-road tires installed and where you’re heading on your first ride!

2. Mercane Wide Wheel Dual:

While Mercane’s Wide Wheel Dual hasn’t got the remarkable pace or the hardcore hill-climbing ability of the Wolf Warrior, this powerful little scooter is a lot more compact in return. If you’re looking to glide around forest trails and hiking paths, you should road test this model ASAP. What makes it stand out, then?The first thing you notice is those enormous tires measuring 4 inches wide and standing 8 inches tall. These ultra-wide boots are combined with front and rear suspension to cushion your ride over rough terrain.In return for taking a hit on top speed, this scooter is a lot less bulky than the Wolf Warrior and literally half the weight. This makes it a lot easier to fold down and pop in the trunk if you’re heading for some off-road action away from home.


  • Exhilarating acceleration like being fired from a slingshot
  • Super-cool tires give this scooter a commanding aesthetic
  • Pair of 500W motors help you to crush even the steepest slopes
  • Turbo mode reduces range but delivers spectacular performance
  • Uprated model features an improved folding mechanism so sling your scooter in the trunk of your car with ease


  • There’s no LED for key metrics
  • The spring suspension could do with softening up
  • The spring suspension could do with softening up

Don’t get the impression the Wide Wheel is a slouch on the performance front, though. Top speed of 20 mph might sound pedestrian, but it feels pretty quick when you’re so low to the ground. You’ll launch out the blocks at incredible speed hitting 15 mph in 3 seconds flat. You can brake from that speed to a standstill in just 20 feet.Flick the scooter into Eco Mode and you’ll use a single motor while extending maximum range. At just 20 miles, this is relatively weak so plan your outings accordingly.While capped at 20 mph by the manufacturer, you can unlock the scooter so it will hit 30 mph if you’re ready for more.Whether you’re tackling steep city streets or you’re barreling up and down sharp inclines on a trail, the Wide Wheel gives you plenty of oomph to sail up those hills unchecked. Hill-climbing is effortless on this little steed.This power is achieved by twin 500W motors. The scooter is available in a single-motor iteration, too, so choose which fits best with your needs.Innovative die-cast construction without welding ensures your scooter is sturdily put-together and built to stay the distance.


  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Motor: 2 x 500W
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 pounds

bottom line for Mercane Wide Wheel Dual

If you need to leave your scooter unattended for any reason, slip the key out and it will remain secure. This is an improvement over the outgoing model. Other tweaks include smoother acceleration, improved battery control, and an upgraded folding mechanism. What’s not to love?

3. Mototec Fatboy 500W

If you’re hunting for a style-driven scooter that doesn’t compromise function to achieve form, the Mototec Fatboy is a must. Those show-stopping good looks come at an almost budget price-point so what are you waiting for?The tires on this gem stand 15 inches tall and measure 6 inches across, triple the dimensions of standard electric scooter tires. This delivers a ride that’s extremely smooth even when the going gets rough. Throw in some ultra-wide cruising handlebars and you have the perfect positioning for barreling along off-road trails.A couple of 48V 500W motors serve up ample power for city streets and off-road trails. The only time you’ll find this scooter coming up short is on steeper slopes. When the gradient hits 10%, this little Fatboy starts struggling. If you frequently hill on especially hilly terrain, this is not the best fit. If you predominantly ride on gentler inclines and flatter ground, you’re treated to a torquey little scooter that represents exceptional value for money.Build quality is robust. The deck is fully 11 inches across at the widest point. This thick steel frame means the scooter weighs in at 90 pounds. Given the wide handlebars and overall weight, this is not the most maneuverable ride for twisty trails. When you’re traveling on the straight on rough tracks, though, the Fatboy delivers immaculately.


  • Tires 3 x wider than regular electric scooter boots
  • 11-inch wide deck gives you great strength and rigidity off-road
  • Optional removable seat so you can mix up riding styles to suit
  • Oversized headlight for safe night time riding
  • Wide cruising handlebars for a relaxed posture even on challenging terrain


  • Struggles slightly with inclines of 10% and greater
  • Quite heavy and bulky

The removable and super-wide saddle is a nice touch. This allows you to ride standing or sitting. A large headlight makes light work of nighttime riding.If you need to leave your scooter while you pop into a store, there’s a handy kickstand to stop you from scuffing up the frame. Slip the key out and nobody can ride off on your pride and joy, either.With disc brakes on the front and rear drum brakes to slow you down, you can ride this scooter safely even if you’re a complete beginner. Indeed, we feel this is a superb starter model.The vast majority of user feedback is positive. Users comment favorably on speed and acceleration, comfort, the eye-catching design, and ease of assembly. The only notable negativity we encountered centered on the difficulty of adjusting the seat after you’ve set it in position. Think about this when you’re sizing up the height and try to get it right first time


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 500W
  • Range: 20 miles
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 250 pounds

bottom line for Mototec Fatboy 500W

So, if you’re on the trail of a cheap electric scooter that doesn’t stiff you on the performance front, the Fatboy from Mototec might be the smartest investment you make this year. Emerge from lockdown in style!

4. Mototec Mad 1600W

Next up in our best off-road electric scooter reviews is another hard-hitting model from the inimitable Mototec. What makes this 1600W powerhouse stand out from the pack, then?Just like the Fatboy, you get a chunky scooter that’s perfect for off-roading or commuting on city streets. With aggressive styling uppermost, what do you get beneath the sturdy surface?Before we get into that, we can’t help but reference that design again. The wooden decking sits well with the cool decals and expanse of steel. Throw in waterproof carrying bags for your keys, wallet, and phone for a winning package.The potent 1600W brushless motor develops plenty of torque. With a variable-speed twist throttle, you’ll have ample power on tap to tackle steep inclines and twisty trails. Open up that throttle and feel the speed of this scooter take your breath away. There’s no feeling quite like slicing down a tight track on an electric scooter. Huge, knobbly tires take the sting out of the toughest trails.


  • Exceptional design with rakish good looks
  • Striking bamboo footrest contrasts wonderfully with steel build
  • Front and rear dual suspension to cushion your ride on rocky ground
  • Torquey motor can propel you at speeds exceeding 20 mph
  • Waterproof storage is valuable extra


  • 60-day warranty could be dramatically extended
  • Size and bulk mean this is not the most portable scooter on our list

How about when it’s time to stop in a hurry, though? Well, front and rear disc brakes ensure you have no problems here. Anchor on the brakes and you’ll come to an impressively swift halt.If you’re investigating off-road electric scooters, you’ll need to consider the inevitable trade-off between sturdiness and footprint. If you’re partial to the chunkier scooters we review today, you’ll need to accept that they are not quite as portable. Think about the type of conditions you’ll be riding in and buy accordingly. If you’re predominantly riding city streets with only some occasional off-roading thrown in, it’s senseless angling for the largest, bulkiest scooter. Equally, if you do a lot of rough riding, don’t sell yourself short with a scooter too flimsy for purpose.While we would like to see the 2-month guarantee lengthened, we can’t fault the lifetime customer support you get with the Mototec Mad. This gives you precious peace of mind knowing you won’t be left out in the cold or forced to pay a mechanic to diagnose any faults.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Range: 15+ miles
  • Weight: 106 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 310 pounds

bottom line for Mototec Mad 1600W

You get all the usual safety bolt-ons like a horn, dual headlights, and reflectors. This scooter is safe to ride around the clock and in even pretty rough territory. It’s one of our personal favorites for its blend of power, precision, and stellar build quality. Given the keen pricing, we’d strongly suggest popping the Mototec Mad on your shortlist.

5. Mototec MiniMad 800W:

Do you need an off-road scooter that’s still small and compact enough to chuck in the trunk of your car? If so, the highly reputable Mototec serves up a scaled-down version of the best-selling Mad with less power, less weight, and an even keener price tag. Where does this electric scooter stand and fall?To contrast this model with its bigger brother, the MiniMad comes in 7 inches shorter so you’ll enjoy more maneuverability, both on uneven trails and slick city streets. It’s also 10 inches smaller overall when folded down, enhancing portability.Design-wise, you get the same bamboo deck as a counterpoint to an expanse of steel finished in matte black. All of this attention to detail is the work of designer Alessandro Tartarini, one of the world’s leading industrial designers.So many off-road scooters miss the mark when it comes to comfort. Mototec is not one of these manufacturers. The MiniMad comes with a super-soft saddle to keep you cushioned on long, rough rides.


  • Chunky and aggressive styling in a more slimline package than the classic Mad scooter
  • Brushless motor rated at 1HP so get all the power and torque you need for steeper climbs
  • Folds down for ease of transportation and storage
  • Extra-padded seat so stay comfy when riding rocky trails
  • Standard Mototec lifetime technical support bundled


  • Range could be improved so think about your intended usage before committing to purchase
  • Not suitable for more extreme terrain
  • While still flying off the shelves, this model has been discontinued by the manufacturer

Performance figures are decent considering the fairly small motor and the entry-level nature of this scooter. You can reach 20 mph at full-clip. As with all electric scooters, you accelerate off the mark at a brisk rate. Control comes through a twist throttle so you’ll be away in a hurry even if you’ve never ridden a scooter before.Range is anything from 15 to 20 miles depending on speed and incline. While this is just about acceptable, it doesn’t give you much leeway when you’re out for the day. Luckily, charging time is swift in anything from 4 to 8 hours.We usually look at a warranty as representing the length of time before you can expect problems to develop. After all, no manufacturer expects to lose out when they offer a guarantee, do they? That said, although the 60-day guarantee in place here is weak, this is offset by ongoing technical assistance for the lifetime of this scooter. You can’t really ask for much more than that.We found it quite tough to unearth a large sample of user feedback. What testimony we encountered was overwhelmingly positive. Satisfied customers referenced value for money, maneuverability, pace, and hill-climbing ability.


  • Top Speed: 18 mph
  • Motor: 800W
  • Range: 15 to 20 miles
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for Mototec MiniMad 800W

For robust build, remarkable agility, and a price you’ll love, we can’t recommend the Mototec MiniMad strongly enough.

6. Razor EcoSmart Metro:

At first glance, the Razor EcoSmart Metro might look more like a commuter scooter than an off-road model. Take the time to explore the many benefits of this eco-friendly transport, though. You might find it fits the bills for your off-road needs, too.Versatility is arguably the key selling point with this scooter. Whether you need a trusty steed to lighten your city commute or you enjoy riding off-road trails in your downtime, the EcoSmart Metro lets you do both with ease.Take full advantage of the spacious storage unit in place. Take this off if you leave your bike unattended or you want to ride unburdened. If you fancy a day out off-roading, you can easily cram all your provisions inside so you enjoy your ride without being burdened with supplies.Don’t be put off by the dinky 500W motor. While there are certainly far more powerful scooters available, if you’re content with an 18 mph top speed then you’ll be rewarded with an engaging and responsive ride.The bonus of taking a slight hit on power is that you get a pretty lightweight scooter you can use for zooming around traffic-choked streets or expanses of off-road trail. At just 67 pounds, this is substantially lighter than some of the models we road tested.


  • Hand-operated rear brakes ergonomic and efficient
  • Rechargeable battery delivers roughly 40 minutes of unbroken use translating to a range of 10 miles
  • Comfy padded seat for smooth travel over patchy terrain
  • Huge 16-inch wheels further amplify comfort even when the going gets tough
  • Detachable basket and luggage carrier is ideal when you’re heading for some off-road action


  • Limited maximum weight limit so not the best choice for larger riders
  • You’ll need 12 hours to impart a full charge so plan around this

While you don’t get the initial impression that this scooter is designed for hardcore off-roading – and it isn’t designed for that – you can nevertheless take the EcoSmart Metro off-road without it letting you down. The padded seat is a nice touch and lets you kick back in comfort if you’re not ready for some full downhill riding from a standing position.Not the most efficient hill-climber in our collection today, you should be fine with less sharp inclines. Give some serious thought to the type of conditions you ride in.As with all these electric scooters, the twist-grip throttle gives you explosive acceleration that’s invigorating every single time you yank back on that grip.Like with many electric scooters, there’s a tediously lengthy 12-hour charging period to factor in. This, along with the reasonably low 10-mile range, are the significant downsides cheapening an otherwise solid experience.


  • Top Speed: 18 mph
  • Motor: 500W
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 67 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 220 pounds

bottom line for Razor EcoSmart Metro

The Razor EcoSmart Metro is an affordable and durable electric scooter ideal if you enjoy riding on the street and off-road, and you need a single scooter for both purposes. For anyone seeking out more challenging off-road trails, you should consider a beefier model instead.

7. UberScoot 300W:

This dinky UberScoot 300W electric scooter makes transport for kids or teens. It would also serve as a functional first scooter if you’re an adult who has never tried this form of fun before.Now, although our core focus today is on off-road electric scooters, this little 300-watter is not out for serious punishment. You’ll be fine if you fancy riding some fairly smooth trails, but you’ll come up short if you try more testing terrain.


  • Perfect for teens or as an entry-level adult scooter
  • BMX-style handlebars to help with off-road handling
  • While you won’t set any land speed records, the motor has sufficient torque for slopes and inclines
  • 9-inch pneumatic tires work better on slick roads than bump trails
  • Folds down quickly and easily for transportation or storage


  • Lack of suspension means you’re in for a rough ride off-road
  • You might feel short-changed in terms of performance

That said, the steel frame is pretty rugged. You won’t be weighed down since this scooter weighs only a fraction over 40 pounds making it an ideal commuter ride, and simplifying storage and transportation. The ABS deck is strong enough to take some rough and tumble.9-inch pneumatic tires are definitely better suited to smooth terrain. As long as the going is not too taxing, you’ll enjoy a comfy and cushioned ride even though there’s no suspension in place.


  • Top Speed: 13 mph
  • Motor: 300W
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 240 pounds

bottom line for UberScoot 300W

With handlebars reminiscent of those on a BMX, you get a sporty ride and the ability to hit 13 mph at the top end. This is one of the slowest scooters we review so look elsewhere if you need an injection of raw pace.

8. UberScoot 1000W:

As we near the end of our off-road electric scooter reviews, we’ve got another fantastic model from UberScoot, this time the 1000W.You can hit speeds in excess of 20 mph which feels plenty fast on a small steed this low to the ground. Indeed, if you haven’t played around on a scooter since you were a kid, we’d counsel starting slowly to avoid taking an unexpected tumble.Once you’ve accustomed yourself to the controls, you’ll find this nimble little scooter is a pleasure to ride.10-inch pneumatic tires come air-filled while the rims are alloy. Try your arm on excessively sharp terrain and you’re likely to come away with a puncture. For regular off-road hiking trails and similar, you should be in reasonably safe hands.


  • One-touch folding so throw your scooter in the trunk without standing on ceremony
  • LED battery indicator so you don’t get caught short
  • Front and rear suspension is very forgiving when you’re punishing uneven terrain
  • Quick-release seat to rapidly modify your riding/standing position
  • Swift out the blocks and enough power to cope with fairly steep inclines


  • The air-filled tires are prone to punctures if you try your luck on jagged ground so exercise caution
  • Not the best choice for larger riders

Suspension comes in the form of shock-absorbing front forks and twin shocks in back.Disc brakes give you the freedom to push your limits safe in the knowledge you can slow down quickly and easily every single time. This gives you a great layer of cushioning if you’re careening down tight and bumpy trails. If you’re sick of coming home from a ride with the back of your T-shirt caked in grime, you’ll appreciate the mudguard when the going gets dirty.Do you often ride a scooter at night? If so, ensuring your path is illuminated could be a matter of life and death. Nothing is left to chance with this model. The UberScoot comes with headlights in front and in back. Key ignition is another vital safety feature.Folding the scooter down couldn’t be much easier thanks to the innovative mechanism. The issue we found was the 79-pound weight meaning you can hardly just bundle it under your arm. That said, the foldable nature certainly cuts down on overall dimensions, ideal for transportation purposes.


  • Top Speed: 20+ mph
  • Motor: 1000W
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 265 pounds

bottom line for UberScoot 1000W

You might think this feature-rich and reasonably powerful electric scooter comes at a prohibitive price-point but nothing could be further from the truth. To ice the cake, the UberScoot 1000W is currently being offered at a respectable discount. Act quickly and you could get yourself the best off-road electric scooter of 2020 for far less than you might imagine.

9. Unagi The Model One:

Boasting the same carbon fiber as Elon Musk’s rockets, this is a tech-led scooter that’s priced surprisingly low considering all that’s baked in. What do you get for your modest investment, then?First and foremost, this scooter is designed for smoother riding on city streets. While it will serve a turn off-road, you’ll need to think carefully about the kind of terrain you’ll be dealing with. Now, the rubber tires are designed so you won’t pick up any punctures which is great news on uneven ground. Overall build is such that you’re better off avoiding punishing tracks on this scooter, though.The handlebar is made from magnesium alloy and houses your dashboard controls. You’ll have access to the throttle, brake, and horn at your fingertips.If you need to fold this scooter down, this breaks down with a single satisfying click to make your ride dramatically easier to carry around or to pop in the trunk of your car.The E250 iteration of The Model One comes with a 250W motor. The line-topping E500 shoe horns in a motor to each wheel, doubling up power. You should find the single-motored scooter ideal for most reasonable purposes. Supersize it if you’ve got a real need for speed.


  • Handle hills up to 15% without any resistance
  • Flush-mounted LED front light and flashing red rear LED
  • Aluminum deck with silicon for enhanced traction
  • 3 separate coats of paint for a scratch-resistant finish that looks immaculate
  • Puncture-proof rubber tires perfect for rigorous trail riding


  • Range could be improved
  • Despite the puncture-proof tires, this model doesn’t cope well with awkward ground

Anti-lock brakes ensure you have the confidence to shoot quickly down steep hills without worrying about stopping distance.While those 7.5-inch rubber tires might sound distressingly uncomfortable, they feature air pockets spread throughout the circumference so the ride is much smoother than you might imagine. The crowning glory, of course, is kissing goodbye to a burst tire spoiling your afternoon ride. These tires won’t pop whatever you throw their way.Build quality on the deck and frame is commendable. Look after this scooter and it will give you years of faithful use.Choose from 4 stylish colorways so you’re riding in total style this summer. The LED lights in front and to the rear add another element of cool to this show stopping ride.The battery will hold up to years of daily use, although range is underwhelming at just 15 miles. As with most of these scooters, you’ll need to plan your outing carefully so you don’t end up running out of juice and pushing your trusty steed.


  • Top Speed: 15.5 mph
  • Motor: 250W
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Maximum Rider Weight: 275 pounds

bottom line for Unagi The Model One

While we would sidestep this model for hardcore off-roading, the overall experience of riding this agile little diamond is so thrilling we can’t recommend it strongly enough. When it comes to the grunt required for climbing steep hills, there are not many electric scooters that can hold a candle to The Model One.


The Bottom Line

Well, you should now have a clear idea of the best off-road electric scooter for your requirements. You also have a pre-assembled shortlist of the most efficient and well-received models in a crowded market segment.If you choose a model not reviewed here today, pay attention to the brief pointers we make at the start today. Focus on finding a scooter that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.Given the intensely personal nature of buying a scooter for off-road purposes, we’re not calling an overall winner. Instead, think about your tolerance for speed, your experience level, the type of terrain you’ll be riding over, and the kind of hills you’ll be climbing. Throw your budget into the equation and it shouldn’t be hard to find the best off-road electric scooter without too much time or trouble.Reach out if you have any questions and don’t forget to bookmark our site before you head off. We’ll see you soon!

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